Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Superman or Manager; which are you?

How would your team do without you? Are you overwhelmed with the pressure of keeping up with everyone's work problems? or Have you ever dealt with an organization or a department that comes to a halt once the team leader isn’t around? And many times the CEO or manager is overworked, stressed and convinced he doesn’t have the right people on his team or they have no initiative?

It’s easy to fall into this trap particularly if you are a functional expert who is good at delivering on the technical/operational aspects of your job (and got promoted to manager because you are so good at your job). Many people in this situation have not made the transition from doing the work themselves to getting your team to do the work and cant grasp the fact that the output now required in terms of people not function.
There are of course a million and 1 reasons why some managers seem to end up doing all the work for their team; including – fear of failure, a need to be needed, a need to ensure things are done perfectly, etc. However, work grinding to a halt every time the manager is away is a wasteful unsustainable model and is counter-productive in the long run.

In this insightful article, the writers at explore the issue of ‘Preventing Manager Dependency.’ Click here:
Here’s an interesting video showing practical ways to help your people tackle the issues themselves whilst still providing the required leadership.


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